Ryan Pyle

Extreme Adventurer, Explorer & TV Celebrity


Ryan Pyle

Ryan Pyle is an Extreme Adventurer, film producer &TV celebrity

He has produced and presented many TV & documentary series for major global broadcasters

Ryan recently won Best Director at the Asian Television Awards and is a top keynote speaker


Ryan Pyle is a well-known extreme adventurer, explorer and TV personality, travelling around the globe setting world records and recording a number of TV shows and series.

His filmed content is broadcast on most major TV channels across the world as well as on Amazon Prime, iTunes amongst other multi-media platforms. He is also an award-winning TV Director.

Ryan spent his early years close to home in Toronto, Canada. After obtaining a degree in International Politics from the University of Toronto in 2001, he moved to China.

In 2004 Ryan became a regular contributor to The New York Times and several years later was named by PDN Magazine as one of the 30 emerging photographers in the world.

In 2010 Ryan began working full-time on television and documentary film production and has produced and presented several large multi-episode television series for major broadcasters in the USA, Canada, UK, Asia and continental Europe.

The 42 year-old set a Guinness World record in 2011 for his 65-day motorcycle journey around China, an expedition that covered 16,240 kilometers which proved to be the longest continuous journey by motorcycle within a single country.

He then went on to complete adventure motorcycle rides in India in 2012, Brazil in 2015 and Canada in 2016.

In 2013 he produced his first season of his Extreme Treks series with four epic adventures in Tibet.

Ryan’s ‘’Extreme Treks’’ TV series filmed in Oman, Argentina, Papua New Guinea, Tibet, Russia, Iceland, Laos, Bolivia, Jordan and Uganda.

In 2017 these TV documentaries were released on BBC World News and Outside TV. In June 2020, Ryan’s 10-part series ‘’Expedition Asia’’, featuring his visits to the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Malaysia and India began airing on the Discovery Channel.

Last year Ryan also won the Best Director Award for Extreme Treks: Season 2 from the Asian Television Awards.

His photography career has spanned the world of travel and journalism and he continues to publish books such as “Chinese Turkestan” and “Sacred Mountains”, focusing on the remote minority regions of western China.

Ryan has an active speaking schedule and as an Extreme Adventurer, World Traveller, Photographer, Television Celebrity, Producer & Director, he shares exclusive experiences and values in life, adversity and management.


  •  2019 – Winner: Best Director – Asian Television Awards
  • 2019 – Nominated: Best Documentary Series – Asian Television Awards
  • 2014 – Explorer of the Year – Geographical Society of Philadelphia
  • 2013 – Governor General of Canada – Gold Medallion
  • 2012 – Guinness World Record – Adventure Motorcycle Riding
  • 2010 – PDN Photo Annual – Winner
  • 2009 – PDN 30 – Emerging Photographer


  • 2017 – Sacred Mountains of China – Photography Book
  • 2016 – Tough Rides: Brazil – Written Book
  • 2015 – Sacred Mountains of China – Written Book
  • 2014 – Chinese Turkestan – Photography Book
  • 2014 – The India Ride – Written Book
  • 2013 – The Middle Kingdom Ride – Written Book


Speaking Topics

  •  Leadership & Accountability
  • Facing Challenges & Overcoming Adversity
  • Managing Extreme Situations
  • Decision making & the Value of team work
  • Being an Extreme Leader
  • Creativity & Entrepreneurship
  • Media, Television and the Digital Age

TV Series

  • 2020 – Expedition Asia: Season #1 – Discovery Channel | Amazon Prime
  • 2019 – Extreme Treks: Season #3 – BBC Earth || Amazon Prime
  • 2017 – Extreme Treks: Season #2 – BBC Earth || Amazon Prime
  • 2016 – Tough Rides: Brazil – Travel Channel || Amazon Prime
  • 2014 – Extreme Treks: Season #1 – Discovery Channel || Amazon Prime
  • 2014 – China’s Great Gateway: Shaanxi – Discovery Channel
  • 2014 – Tough Rides: India – Travel Channel || Amazon Prime
  • 2013 – Tough Rides: China – Travel Channel || Amazon Prime
  • Project
    2016 – Destination Canada: On the Road, Motorcycling across Canada – Multiple Online Streaming Channels

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